Dating World: How to deal with discomfort caused by partner’s female friend

Most of us have a group of friends we enjoy hanging out with. Sometimes, we share these friends as a couple and at other times, they are exclusive to us. These friends can be either males or females. However, it gets overwhelming when these friends are constantly present around you eating into your couple time. And even more so, if one of these friends is a female friend who seems to be exceptionally close to your boyfriend.

The first question that would strike you is if it is ok to feel jealous or insecure about your boyfriend’s female friend. It is completely natural for anyone to feel jealous of their partner’s female friends. If you feel insecure, it reiterates your feelings of love and care towards him. However, it is important to take a step back and assess your feelings to ensure that you are not overreacting.

Think why your boyfriend turns to his female friend for advice. Is it because he is close to you and does not want to disturb your peace by asking seemingly stupid questions. Or it is because the relationship advice is connected to you. In such a case, the third person can provide a more objective viewpoint. It can also be because they have common interests, share a deep bond, or have permanent platonic feelings for each other.

Dealing with the issue

Still, we asked several relationship experts how to handle this situation and have listed the top answers here. Use whichever way suits you to deal with the issue.

Communicate: If your boyfriend’s behavior is making you uncomfortable, let him know. Sometimes, a person is so comfortable in a relationship that they do not realize if they are hurting the partner. Also, at times, boyfriends do not realize that they are flirting. They think that they are being kind and friendly. If your boyfriend is crossing the line, let him know that gently. However, avoid saying things like you do not want him talking to other woman. This will definitely have him running in the opposite direction. Further, do not snoop or make your boyfriend choose between his female friend and you. Chances are that he would choose her over you.

Assess your feelings: Remember, you can neither control your boyfriend’s or that friend’s behavior. However, you can control the way you feel and react to things. Show your boyfriend that you trust him completely. This will dissuade the female friend from making any advances and will also give your boyfriend the confidence to turn down any advances she makes.

Do not ignore the issue: Women are naturally more intuitive than men. So, if your boyfriend’s female friend’s behavior is making you uncomfortable, do not ignore the issue. Look for options that can be used to deal with the issue so that it is very clear that you are not liking it, but be sensitive about it. It is possible that your boyfriend and his female friend go long back together, even before you came in the scene. In this case, they would be closer and share a deeper bond and you need to show that you trust them.

Befriend the female friend: Ask yourself if you are jealous. We become jealous of people we feel threatened by. In this case, you need to make an effort and befriend the girl. Maybe, what you are thinking is just a wild theory which has been cooked up by your overactive mind.

The way ahead

Usually, adopting the measures mentioned above help you overcome any discomfort felt because of your partner’s female friends. However, if in spite of using these methods, you are still feeling anxious or your mental well-being is getting disturbed, then maybe there is a deeper underlying condition that needs to be diagnosed.

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