Here is what text therapy is really like

How believable it sounds to you that texting on your phone can help reduce stress, and relieve anxiety and panic attack? Before you stress your minds more, let us tell you it is possible, and the treatment approach is referred to as the text therapy.

In this approach, people battling stress-related problems are given the leverage to send unlimited messages to their provider, 24/7. These messages are then responded by clinicians during pre-identified times each day for at least 5 days a week. These interactions involve much more text than is typical for a conversation (e.g. between friends or family members), in order to convey the necessary clinical material.

How does Text Therapy Work?

It begins with answering a questionnaire that helps determine the kind of service you need from a therapist to calm down your anxiety. Once you have a therapist to help you in your state of distress, you will get a go-ahead to send messages detailing your expectations from the treatment.

The best part is you are allowed to text your therapist anytime round the clock. They may not be able to reply immediately, especially at late night hours or early in the morning, but you can expect a response during the day hours. Moreover, a “live text” session is also available if you want one, which allows you to exchange texts with your therapist in real time. And don’t worry your privacy remains intact like in in-person therapy. Your therapist will also offer you personalized support to discuss things that you may not be able to explore otherwise while helping you identify effective ways to declutter stress and ensure your life is less complicated.

Benefits of Text Therapy

While text therapy may not work well for everyone, it does offer benefits that may prove effective many people who are battling anxiety and panic attacks.

  1. Text therapy has been found to be an effective treatment modality to show a calming effect on life of excess, and anxiety and stress-related problems. It has a proven efficacy on people who are not confident enough to communicate in person and are battling persistent anxiety or social anxiety, as text messages allow them to vent out their hidden emotions and to share their difficulties from their own comfortable space.
  1. Text Therapy helps you reduce stress as well as manage temporary or minor distress. It is significant in the view that temporary life challenges may cause a lot of pain. Talking to a therapist, even over text, is an effective treatment approach to help you overcome overwhelming emotions and get guidance on what could help you remain calm even in taxing moments.

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Text therapy is an ongoing treatment approach to help people battling stress or anxiety deal with the clutter of life. To know more about text therapy or other mental health treatment strategies, you can contact Medical Concierge at our 24/7 helpline number 877-636-0042. Our representatives work 24/7 to help you gain access to details of mental health treatment centers in California.

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