Supermodel Bella Hadid Reveals Struggle with Mental Health

Mental health issues are ubiquitous and do not discriminate. Be it a commoner or a celebrity, anybody can face the wrath of mental health issues. Yet, our society is still reluctant to openly discuss mental health problems.

Speaking about traumas and mental health is still considered a taboo in the society. People prefer to remain tight-lipped when it comes to talking about their mental health. They dread of getting judged or left out alone or face any prejudice as mental health is regarded as a character flaw by many. This very fear stops them from seeking treatment and eventually making the symptoms worse.

On the other hand, it is even more difficult for celebrities to open up about their mental health struggles. It is much more complex, considering how they’re constantly judged and scrutinized by an overbearing media. But in recent times, celebrities have mustered up enough courage to talk about their battle with mental health conditions to inspire their millions of fans that they are not alone.

Recently, on November 9, 2021, supermodel Bella Hadid also opened up about her battle with mental health issues much to the surprise of her tens of thousands of her ardent fans. Hadid took to her Instagram handle and shared her selfies capturing her teary-eyed face and coupled it a video clip of singer Willow Smith, daughter of Hollywood star Will Smith.

She talked about her struggle with anxiety, depression, emotional burnout and breakdowns to let her fans know that they are not alone in this fight against behavioral health problems. Bella spoke about her fear of sharing her story about mental health struggle due to the pressure from the media. The 25-year-old model has opened up regarding her mental health struggle since her teenage.

“That feeling of thinking that you’re good enough or being insecure about your art- is natural- but at the same time, I feel like it’s taught,” wrote Hadid while sharing her post on Instagram to her 47.2 million strong followers.

“All humans are different; every single human has something so special and unique to offer. And people forget that everyone is basically feeling the same way: lost, confused, not really sure why they’re here. That anxiety, like, everyone is feeling that— and trying to cover it up in some way. We’re goanna come together in our flaws, in our insecurities, in our joy, in our happiness, and accept it all as beautiful and as natural.”

She said that only opening up will break down those barriers and make everyone say “Nah, I understand you and your pain and your joy. We’re gonna be okay.”

Hadid also called out social media not to be real. She said, “This is pretty much my every day, every night for a few years now” and that things aren’t always as they appear on Instagram. “Social media is not real.”

Hadid shared her intermittent feeling of breaking down and said it took her a long time to realize her struggle and embark on a better and new journey.  The model emphasized on spreading positivity, recognizing the symptoms and focusing on self-care, which can help in learning about the pain and cope with it.

She further inspired her fans to be positive and emphasized on self help. “Self-help and mental illness/chemical imbalance is not linear and it is almost like a flowing rollercoaster of obstacles… it has its ups and downs, and side to sides. I want you to know, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and the rollercoaster always comes to a complete stop at some point. (There is always room for it to start up again, but for me it’s always been nice to know that even if it’s a few days, weeks, or months, it does get better, to some extent, even for a moment.),” she wrote on Instagram.

“It took me a long time to get that in my mind, but I’ve had enough breakdowns and burnouts to know this: if you work hard enough on yourself, spending time alone to understand your traumas, triggers, joys, and routine, you will always be able to understand or learn more about your own pain and how to handle it.”

At the end of her post, Hadid wrote, “It feels harder and harder to not share my truth on here,” and thanked her followers for listening.

Seek help

Battling with stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental health condition is not easy. It calls for support from peers, family and friends to seek treatment at the earliest.  Seeking timely professional intervention is the key to ensure full recovery and a healthy life.

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