Digital Therapeutic is a New Promising Treatment for PTSD: Study

Numerous studies have suggested that veterans in the United States are at a greater risk of developing PTSD and substance abuse. Approximately nine million people in the United States battle with PTSD, which includes nearly 470,000 military veterans.

The debilitating impairment of their lives affects everything from their ability to work to causing sleep regression and affecting personal relationships. Especially, veterans serving in war zones have a higher risk of developing SUD and PTSD. Another statistic suggests that every two out of 10 veterans develop PTSD and SUD and one in three veterans are receiving treatment for co-occurring disorders.

What are the reasons behind veterans developing PTSD or co-occurring disorders?

Broadly speaking following are some of the triggers:

  • Numerous deployments in different regions
  • Feeling of homelessness
  • Deployment in dangerous war zones where they experience violence in day to day life
  • Injuries during a war
  • Traumatic experience while on national duty, especially during war
  • Sexual assault, especially in women veterans
  • Social and mental barriers in receiving mental health treatment

The data from Veteran administration suggests that the overall cost of treatment for veterans with PTSD is almost four times expensive than for those with other behavioral health conditions.

The evidence based treatment till date, available to treat PTSD and co-occurring disorders includes—medication such as antidepressants, psychotherapies including talk therapy, family therapy, group therapy and recreational therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), habit reversal therapy and detoxification process if substance abuse co-occurs with PTSD and depression.

In many cases, antidepressants have not been very effective on PTSD patients. They seem to develop tolerance and there is a significant increase in non-responsive patients, those who didn’t respond quite well to medications and therapies.

New therapeutic treatment may prove helpful

According to a new study conducted by a few researchers of Stanford University at veteran affairs medical center have found a new therapeutic treatment which has reduced symptoms of PTSD in veterans by 50 percent.

The study is associated with using digital therapeutic which is found to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. It has proven to contribute towards better physical and mental health in participants for six months after treatment.

Freespira is the first digital therapeutic that has perceived a clearance from FDA. It is believed to alleviate or eliminate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder and panic attacks in only 28 days. This study was published in the Journal of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, saying that symptoms of PTSD severity can be drastically alleviated with the use of digital therapeutic.

The peer-reviewed study was conducted at Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System. The study included both men and women with a min age of 51 years. The study consisted of 71% veterans and rest 29% civilians. They found that the reasons of major trauma leading to their development of PTSD were sexual assault (33%), suicide in family and combat-related (29%).

The statics of alleviation in the symptoms of PTSD was remarkable. Nearly 88% of the subject veterans experienced significant drop in the symptoms of PTSD after two months of recurrent treatment. 48% of the veterans experienced remission in the symptoms of PTSD, while 50% of the veterans experienced much better results with six months of treatment.

Freespira targets the cardinal physiological contributors to PTSD symptoms including panic attacks, the negative aspect of PTSD. Freespira works on bringing down the breathing irregularities to control. The reason for breathing irregularities is due to  carbon dioxide (CO2) hypersensitivity, which prior studies have evinced contributes to this hard-to-treat  and complex condition.

As an alternative to therapy and medications, it can be used twice daily for 17-minute treatments. This treatment focuses on stabilizing breathing patterns to alleviate or eliminate symptoms of PTSD. The digital therapeutic provides patients with tele-health coaching and real-time physiological feedback-based training. This guides patients to achieve maximum recovery and acts like a torch bearer to lead their life journey for a better mental health.

Freespira Digital therapeutic aid is tolerable, safe, acceptable and effective new age treatment for PTSD that can be administered at the comfort of your home. With six months of trial it showed positive results, participants’ satisfaction and high adherence for which digital therapeutic has been rated as a new promising intervention for PTSD.

Finding help for mental health problems

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